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A client-centric legal services provider focusing on financial legal aid in Nevada, engaged our digital marketing services to expand their online presence and reinforce the standing as a regional industry leader.

Industry: Legal Services 

Case Study: A Lawyer's Roadmap
to Digital Marketing 

 100K+ Content Reach

 400+ Page Likes

Business to Business (b2b)+  
Service Professionals

Capturing the attention of other businesses can be a challenging task, but that's exactly where our expertise comes in. We specialize in crafting engaging and informative content that compels your target audience to take action. Below, you'll find a selection of work samples and case studies showcasing the success stories of the businesses we've assisted.

    • Leverage targeted Facebook advertising to enhance visibility and page engagement.

    • Develop a content strategy that highlighted the firm’s unique value propositions and the expertise of its attorneys, particularly the Founder Attorney's prominence in the local industry.

    • Regular content scheduling on platforms suited to a legal service audience, emphasizing the firm’s client-focused vision, accessibility, and affordability.

    • Facebook page experienced a substantial increase in engagement, accumulating over 400 new likes.

    • Content disseminated across digital platforms achieved over 100,000 impressions, significantly enhancing brand visibility.

    • Effective lead generation tactics led to consistent new client inquiries each month, boosting revenue streams.

    • The strategic positioning and promotional activities helped solidify the reputation of the company as a leading figure in the regional legal landscape.

Offering a range of professional photography services designed to capture life's cherished moments and key branding imagery. The studio recognized the necessity of building a strong online presence to amplify their brand recognition and to attract a broader clientele to their newly launched website.

Industry: Photography Services

Case Study: Photography Studio Captured
Growth with Digital Marketing

Consistent growth and engagement across platforms

Under $2K Buget with 20+ conversions per month

    • Create a visually appealing, user-friendly website to showcase the studio's portfolio and services, emphasizing the unique value proposition of capturing life's precious moments.

    • Implement targeted Google Ads campaigns with a strategic budget aimed at maximizing visibility and conversions, focusing on local and interest-based targeting to reach potential clients 

    • Develop a content calendar to maintain a consistent posting schedule across social media platforms, ensuring the messaging and studio's voice remained uniform. 

    • Monitor engagement metrics to refine and optimize digital marketing strategies, ensuring the best return on investment and alignment with the client's business goals.

    • The website successfully attracted a significant online audience, establishing digital footprint.

    • Targeted Google Ads campaigns consistently resulted in over 20 conversions per month, significantly exceeding the benchmark cost per lead (CPL), demonstrating efficient use of the $2000 monthly budget.

    • Received continuous incoming inquiries through phone calls and lead forms, directly attributable to our digital marketing strategies.

    • Social media efforts led to a noticeable increase in organic engagement, with consistent and coherent brand messaging across all platforms enhancing the brand’s online community.

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